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    Expertise & experience

    We have decades of experience in evaluating & purchasing, searching and finding collections, connecting with buyers across the continent. In an average year we spend millions of dollars on vintage comic book and comic collections.

    Trustworthy & transparent process

    We give you a detailed breakdown of your valuation, spend as much time as you want on the evaluation; to give you comfort that you are doing the right thing; data-driven approach where you see your comparables and why the values work for you,
    as well as in the marketplace. We customize the experience for you – your collection, your location and your comfort level are really important to us.

    North American coverage

    We’ll travel everywhere and anywhere across North America. Because we’re committed to providing the best selection of comics available for our customers, we’re always looking for, finding and buying the best comic books, from wherever they are.

    Financial capability & immediate payment

    We routinely spend millions of dollars on comic books, and can afford to pay you whatever your collection is worth.

    We're nice people who love comics.

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    How It Works

    We want to make the process of selling your comics easy and enjoyable. We are friendly and courteous professionals who will provide you with an expert and transparent valuation of your book and make immediate payment once we reach an agreement.



    We’ll set up a time to view your collection, at your location and at your convenience.



    We evaluate your collection and provide you with a detailed and transparent valuation.



    Once we strike a deal we make immediate payment in cash or whatever other form you prefer.

    Sell Your Comics

    Uncovering Hidden Treasures

    We travel across North America in search of gems like these and many, many others. We can’t wait to come look at your comic books!

    Incredible finds

    Below are just a few of the amazing books we have purchased recently.

    Amazing Fantasy #15 - CGC 3.5 (Marvel, 1962)
    1st Appearance of the Amazing Spider-man
    Amazing Spider-man #1 - CGC 4.5 (Marvel, 1963)
    1st Issue of Spider-man in his own series
    X-men #1 - CGC 3.5 (Marvel, 1963)
    1st appearance of the X-men
    Terrors of the Jungle #18 - CGC 9.2 (Star, 1952)
    Classic L.B. Cole pre-code horror cover
    Tales of Suspense #39 - CGC 8.5 (Marvel, 1963)
    1st Appearance of Iron Man
    Showcase # 8 - CGC 9.0 (DC, 1957)
    2nd Silver Age Appearance of The Flash
    Marvel Spotlight #5 - CGC 7.0 (Marvel, 1972)
    1st appearance of Ghost Rider
    Batman #68 - CGC 9.0 (DC, 1951)
    Classic Two-Face cover
    Brave and Bold #34 - CGC 9.2 (DC, 1961)
    1st Silver Age appearance of Hawkman
    Giant-Size X-men #1 - CGC 8.0 (Marvel, 1975)
    1st appearance of the New X-men
    New Mutants #98 - CGC 9.2 (Marvel, 1991)
    1st appearance of Deadpool
    Young Allies #3 - CGC 6.0 (Timely, 1942)
    Early Captain America and Human Torch appearance
    Sell Your Comics

    Matt S // Richmond, Virginia, USA

    "So glad I chose to sell my dad's collection to Comic Book Addiction. They proved that I could trust them and after doing some homework, I realized that they would pay more than any other dealer I contacted."


    Jason P // Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    "I recently consolidated and sold 95% of my comics to Comic Book Addiction and I’m extremely happy with the results. Nick and Steve were very fair, professional, and they made the entire process easy. I highly recommend using them for any comic book needs and I look forward to working with them again in the future."


    Edith K // Los Angeles, California, USA

    "Nick and Steve at Comic Book Addiction made the whole process easy, and I was delighted with the price they paid for my late husband's comic book collection."

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